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Tatyana and Gemstones

Tatyana and Gemstones

Tatyana’s Jewelry is a local family owned and operated business serving the Greater Minneapolis area since 2011. We specialize in custom jewelry design, colored gemstones and jewelry repair.

Tatyana Vyalkin is a passionate craftswoman and jewelry designer with a proclivity for transforming her clients’ personal style into wearable art. Her attention to intricate detail, artistry and extensive training lead her to consistently produce exquisite pieces that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

She was first introduced to jewelry design at the Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show in 2003, where she discovered the beauty of colored gemstones.  The show inspired her to take private lessons to learn to carve and polish gems, taking stones from rough to lustrous. Having discovered a passion for gemstone work, Tatyana soon started her own business as a fine gemstone facetor and gem carver, selling her work to jewelry designers and independent jewelry stores.

Tatyana’s growing reputation as a gemstone artist lead to an invitation to apprentice with Sara D. Commers of Studio C Designs. There, she learned to create jewelry using precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium and platinum. She completed her training at New Approach School for Jewelers and became a certified bench jeweler. Five years later, she opened her own retail jewelry store, which she continues to operate to this day.

Tatyana’s distinction as a talented gemstones artist and jeweler is undisputed. She is regularly invited by jewelry stores to preside over roundtable gem shows – intimate sales events for exclusive clients.

Tatyana is very passionate about jewelry and wants to share the beauty and wonder of natural colored gemstones and custom jewelry design. Come to her workshop and let her guide you through the process of design your own jewelry. It will be a most exciting and satisfying experience.