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2014 Gems and Jewelry Fall Trends

Gems and Jewelry

“…Gems and Jewelry that transforms…”


Are you ready?, Here they are :

• Abstract minimalism: Clean lines, unfussy silhouettes, diamond pavé, pearl accents, high-quality materials, cutouts

• Movement jewelry: Gems and Jewelry that transforms, slight movements, clean lines, gold, platinum, earrings, loose links

• Graphic futurism: Minimalist, color blocks, triangles, interlocking motifs, cubist blocks, bold color

• Three-dimensional patterns: Digital inspiration, detailed patterns, cages, bold and vivid, curved, shaping

• Byzantine inspiration: Mosaics, multitudes of textures, sliced and raw stones, color variation, floral designs

• Modern royalty: Ribbon shapes, abstract shapes, pear shapes, drops, platinum, diamonds, heavy gemstone, modern pearls

• Confetti: Bold color, mix-and-match stones, perfectly imperfect, cabochon stones, pastel and primary colors, glowing stones, unusual stones

• Instant messaging: Uniquely personalized, clear messaging, charms, letters, cause related, alternative materials

• Experimental nature: Shades of gray, technical floral, diamonds, white metals, reproducing nature, clean, innovative materials

• Prismaticity: Geometric prisms, one of a kind, rainbow, faceted cuts, glass, crystal formations

• Rococo fantasy: Historical references, 17th-century style, gold, floral, black and yellow, refined yet spectacular, shell-like cures, happy aristocratic

• Mysterious constructions: Asymmetrical silhouettes, ornate irregularities, liquid looks, rough stones, transformed daily objects, matte colors, soft yet bulky

• Mystic odyssey: Snakeskin, talismans, superstitious signs, mystical yet elegant, pyrite, dark and mysterious colors, but still beautiful and elegant

• Origami: Pleated surfaces, upcycling, layering, geometric models, angular cutouts, yellow gold, 3-D effects, lightweight, sustainability